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Getting here

※If you take the Kyoto city bus more than 3 times a day, we recomend that you buy a one-day bus pass.
(You can buy them from bus drivers. Please note that you cannot use one-day bus passes in the Arashiyama area.

◆By train and bus◆

☆From JR Kyoto station:1) or 2)
1)City Bus (low cost)
Take city bus #26 at platform D3 (close to Karasuma-chuoguchuchi gate) \230 45min.
→Get off at "Youth hostel-mae" bus stop, Walk 1min
time table : from JR Kyoto station

2)JR & Taxi (easy & comfortable)
Go to JR Hanazono station via JR Sagano-Sanin line, (¥200 11min.)
About 5min. taxi ride from Hanazono station to the YH, (about \900)

◆Kansai airport to Kyoto station :
75min. by JR train "HARUKA" or Shuttle (reservation required)

☆From Shijo-Karasuma staion:
Take city bus #26, Get off at "Youth hostel-mae" bus stop, Walk 1min.
time table : from Shijo-Karasuma

☆Get off at "Nishioji-Oike" subway Tozai line
Take city bus #26 at "Nishioji-Oike" bus stop (\220) 20min.,
→Get off at "Youth hostel-mae" bus stop, Walk 1min.

☆Get off at "Uzumasa-Tenjingawa" subway Tozai line
Take city bus #8 at "Uzumasa-Tenjingawa" bus stop (¥230) 8min.
→Get off at "Fukuoji" bus stop, Walk 10 min.
★Just 10min. taxi ride from Uzumasa Tenjingawa sta. to YH.

☆from Sanjo-Keihan / Shijo-Kawaramachi:
Take city bus #10 or #59 (\230)
→Get off at "Youth hostel-mae", Walk 1min.
・Shijo-Kawaramachi・・・city bus #10 time table  city bus #59 time table
・Sanjo-Keihan・・・city bus #10 time table  city bus #59 time table

☆From Arashiyama :
Take city bus #11→Get off at "Yamagoe-Nakacho", Walk 12min.

Take tram Randen at "Arashiyama" station , Transfer at "Katabirano-tsuji" staion to Randen Kitano Line.
→Get off at "Narutaki" station, Walk 12min. (¥210)

◆By car, by motorcycle◆

☆from Kyoto-Minami interchange (Meishin expressway):
→ R1 Kujo-dori
→ Nishioji-Kujo
→ Nishioji-Marutamachi
→ Marutamachi-Tenjingawa
→ R162, Turn left at Fukuoji intersection 1min.

Time required is rough estimation. Please note it may change due to traffic conditions.
The last bus from Kyoto station leaves at 10pm sharp. If you get there after 10pm, transfer to the JR Sanin line, get off at Hanazono station, and take a taxi (about 10 min.).